Alien: Covenant

The crew of the USCSS Covenant, on a colonisation mission, are woken early from their hyper sleep and divert from their course to investigate a rogue signal which appears to be human, and encounter David, the synthetic survivor from the Prometheus. Ridley Scott’s second film in a proposed trilogy of prequels to the Alien series […]

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Top 10: James Bond

Whether it’s Connery and his effortless cool, Moore and his gravity-defying eyebrows or Craig and his budgie-smugglers, everyone has a favourite James Bond. But which film is your favourite? Have a look at my Top 10 and then argue about it….. (PS I have assumed that you will have seen all these films, but just […]

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X-Men Untangled

So a couple of weeks ago I saw Logan, the latest film in the X-Men series. It’s a fantastic film and if you haven’t seen it, do so now. Or at least when you’ve finished reading this. I then decided to rewatch all the previous X-films, starting at the beginning with X-Men. What I noticed […]

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Is Kong still King?

Short answer: yes. Just as the Vietnam war comes to an end an expedition is sent to the mysterious Skull Island, one of the last uncharted places in the world. Led by Tom Hiddleston’s ex-SAS tracker, John Goodman’s biologist and Samuel L Jackson’s military man, they encounter John C Reilly’s stranded WWII airman and Kong, […]

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