Spider-Man: Homecoming

spiderman homecoming

Spider-Man swings back into cinemas in the best Spider-film since Spider-Man 2 13 years ago, and also one of the best MCU films. It is also be the funniest MCU entry, challenging Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ant-Man for the crown.

Peter Parker is brought back down to Earth following his mini-adventure with the Avengers, as seen in Captain America: Civil War, returning to a double life of high school and fighting small-time crime, while waiting for that elusive recall to action from Tony Stark. An encounter with some hi-tech bank robbers puts him on a collision course with Michael Keaton’s Vulture, a scavenger of alien tech turned arms dealer.

Tom Holland is perfectly cast, nailing Peter Parker’s 15-year-old exuberance as he wisecracks his way through Spidey’s nocturnal activities, and also his goofiness as he stumbles his way through his “normal” life. Michael Keaton is also reliably well-cast as the Vulture, bringing an almost sympathetic angle to the character. Robert Downey Jr brings his usual Stark-ness to proceedings as the Uncle Ben/mentor figure, with his own “With great power…” moment. Special mention also to Jacob Batalon in a Michael Pena-esque role as Peter’s best friend Ned.

There are plenty of references to the comics to keep Spider-fans happy, and the action set-pieces are exhilarating, in particular a dizzying rescue on top of the Washington Monument, and the final battle between Spider-Man and the Vulture.

It’s not a spoiler to say that the film ends on a fantastic (literal) WTF moment, and stick around for the traditional post-credit scene. It’s definitely worth waiting for.

A great addition to the MCU, and to the Spider-Man franchise itself. Tobey who…?


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